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What is a phone network unlock ?

Mobile phones are often locked on the network that originally sold them. Network operators do this to subsidize mobile costs, allowing people to pay a small upfront fee or no charge. However, they activate the lock of the network or the SIM card, limiting it which works only with the SIM cards which connect to the signal of this network.

Unlocking the phone or unlocking the network removes the lock, allowing the mobile phone to accept any compatible SIM card from anywhere in the world. Unlocking often requires the use of an unlock code specific to each device and found using the IMEI number of the device.

Easily migrate to another network provider :

With an unlocked phone, you have the huge advantage of being able to easily change your network provider and choose a better plan to meet your needs.

No more roaming charges. Save a lot of money :

You can save hundreds of dollars when traveling abroad if you have an unlocked phone. Just buy a local SIM card and start making calls at local rates, avoiding roaming charges.

Get more money if you sell your phone :

Unlocked phone tend to have higher resale price than locked one, so you can easily sell unlocked phone with good amout of money.

The safest way to unlock your phone :

IMEI unlocking service is the safest way to unlock your phone because it uses genuine unlock codes from the manufacturer. No software, no opening of the case of your phone, no loss of warranty.

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