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Terms Of Service

Overview :

You must provide correct and accurate information on your phone, double check the IMEI number! This service is only for GSM phones.
If a Network provider is needed, select the original network provider, (carrier logo on the phone), dot not select the network provider you need to use.

Privacy :

instant-unlock.com is 100% aimed at privacy protection. No personal information will ever be collected from customers without prior consent. Personal information will NEVER be sold, distributed, or shared If you have any questions/comments about privacy, please email us. (support@instant-unlock.com)

Services :

At instant-unlock.com our goal is a super-fast response time in getting you your phone unlock code 100% of the time. We are unique in the industry providing instant sim unlock codes for free. Please be sure to Whitelist support@instant-unlock.com in your spam filter.
Our Service is provided to help our customers, However, please understand that you use our services at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage that may occur to your device due to IMPROPER usage.

Disclaimer :

instant-unlock.com has no affiliation with any Cellular phone manufacturers or Cellular or wireless service providers whatsoever.. Any Logos and/or, tademarks are copyright of their respective owners. instant-unlock.com neither claims nor warrants any rights or associations.
The Terms of Service may be modified at instant-unlock.com's discretion and will be effective immediately upon publication. Using instant-unlock.com phone unlock service constitues 100% agreement with our Terms of Service as posted on instant-unlock.com